Sharing Skills

Sharing Skills and Ideas

Around Bridport there are many people who have been working to lower their carbon footprint and
use fewer resources. They have built up a wealth of knowledge about sustainability.

The people listed below are happy to share that knowledge with you. Many of them opened their houses to visitors in the Open EcoHomes events. If you would like some advice on living sustainably, please email, with your query and contact details. Please write ‘Sharing Skills’ and the name of the person you want to contact in the subject heading. We will pass it on to the relevant person who will contact you.

Please note that there is good general advice on saving energy on the YouGen website and others listed on this page.

Rab and Mary

Building with recycled materials, paints, solar thermal, productive garden


Rainwater recovery, solar PV, Immersun, permaculture design for living, low energy solutions, home insulation


Eating well on a tight budget, being happy with basics, using Freecycle, LETS, charity shops etc, using fewer 'products', reducing energy and water use


Minimize waste, solar thermal, water use reduction, keeping chickens


Water recovery, DIY solutions, low voltage system and pumps, inexpensive solutions.


48V DC systems (DC48), Battery storage, Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Economics of investing in PV panels and wood pellet boilers.


Living off-grid, permaculture, market gardening, wormeries and composting

Alex and Julie

Building a new ecohome out of low-impact building materials, planning regulations. Living off-grid, PV panels with batteries, using only recovered water, u-v sterilisation; waste digester with reed-bed.


Straw bale building, pellet boilers, Renewable Heat Incentive, solar hot water


Draught proofing, insulation (professional), water recovery. Building a new house and dealing with planners and builders


Off-grid living, organic farming, planning laws; waste digester with reed beds.


Solar thermal (professional), draughtproofing, finding a reliable builder or plumber, recycling.


LED and CFL lighting, monitoring electricity use.


Planting and propagating, thermal curtains.


Solar PV, rainwater harvesting and general experience with lowering energy consumption of buildings over the last forty years.


Manager of Lean Energy, specialising in reducing losses in sports and leisure centres.(professional). Advice on saving energy, or swapping energy suppliers. New Solar system producing heating from PV.


Planting a wood and coppicing. Small woodland management, timber extraction and processing; Craft woodland products; Quality wood fuel

John B

Straw bale building, clay plaster, using sustainable materials, air-tightness, insulation. Efficient masonry stove.

John D

Where to buy or find materials, Preserving and insulating old windows with external polycarbonate cladding.


Clay plaster, designing for enablement: finding solutions for people with limitations.

Chris and Ann (Lyme Regis)

Planning and building a new timber-frame house. Energy and cost saving (insulation, triple glazing, draught proofing, underfloor heating, heat-recovery ventilation, mains pressure 'fast recovery' hot water cylinder, rainwater harvesting, Solar iBoost) Solar PV.

Please note that any advice is given in good faith, and neither Transition Town Bridport nor the adviser accept any liability for any damages resulting from their advice under this scheme. TTB is not endorsing any commercial interests beyond the personal experience of our sharers.

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