What is Transition?
What is Transition?
Pretty well every part of our modern lifestyle has developed on the back of plentiful cheap fossil fuels, and the belief that the planet's capacity to absorb our waste is limitless. The demand for cheap oil is rapidly outstripping supply (Peak Oil) which will make it less available and more expensive. The result of uncontrolled burning of fossil fuels is contributing to possibly life-threatening climate change.

For many years environmental scientists have warned that neither scenario is sustainable and that we need to devise different ways to achieve our goals of a fair, safe and sustainable society.

The concept of Transition Towns was devised by a permaculture lecturer Rob Hopkins, who realised that the biological systems that sustained the planet in balance should be the inspiration for our response to these problems. Here is Rob giving a talk through TED.

He also realised that humans had resources of knowledge, ingenuity, innovation, invention, vision and determination and that we should use these to prepare ourselves for a possibly quite different world.

A Transition Town is one that has decided to bite the bullet and devise ways to be more resilient to the challenges, not by beating ourselves around the head or wearing hair shirts, but by involving the whole community in new ways of doing things, taking more responsibility for our own future and having a fulfilling life into the bargain.

See our Twelve Steps to Transition.

 Understanding the green attitudes of Dorset residents

Understanding the green attitudes of Dorset residents - the Green Acorn report.

Watch this Youtube clip - Peak Oil visually explained
Or a more in depth view of Peak Oil can be seen in Chris Martenson's Crash Course (17minutes)

Transition Towns: An interview with Rob Hopkins

50 minute interview with the founder of the movement - Rob Hopkins - on You Tube

If you put Transition Town into your favourite web browser, you will find lots of sites linking to other Transition Towns. See what others are doing.
Here are a few more useful resources:
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