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Dorset Council Local Plan

DC has published the vision of how they envision Dorset developing over the next years up to 2038. Consultation on this plan ends on 21 March.  The document is 600 pages long and the process of giving your opinion is not the easiest. But how often have you asked yourself "Why did they allow that to be built"?  Or " Why didn't the council do that"? How many houses, how many of them are affordable or social, should they build on the Green Belt? Should we have more renewable energy, or open cycleways and walks? Should we have more gas exploration in Dorset, or more wind turbines? What sort of place should Bridport be in the next decades? Should we preserve old buildings, leaky and cold as they are, because they look good... These and many other questions are important and you have a once in 15 years chance to affect them.

Bridport Town Council has produced an excellent video introduction to the Dorset plan here, and a guide to the plan here.  You can also read the BTC response  on the same page.

Elsewhere a team of people from Dorset Climate Action Network (DCAN) has been working on a guide to the plan as it affects the whole county. You can read the guide here.  
As the DC council website does not allow you to save and come back to your response, DCAN have produced a word version which the council will accept 
( Unfortunately this website does not allow me to upload this as a .doc file. If you save this pdf file, then  open it in word, it seems to work. Otherwise email us and we will send you the word document by return.)  

The guide gives help on how to fill it in.

Open Veg and Fruit Gardens

Wednesday 31 March  2.00 -4.00pm

Seeding our Future and Transition Town Bridport will be hosting ‘Open Veg and Fruit Gardens’- to celebrate being able to meet outside to exchange information about what some food growers in Bridport are doing to adapt to climate change.

There will be an opportunity for you to visit any of four Bridport venues to talk to the gardeners about the methods and crops they are using to help adapt to climate change, and to share experience and ideas you might have.   
Details of the gardens and open, and booking can be made on Eventbrite with this link.

This Good Earth

 Robert Golden's new feature documentary focusses both on West Dorset farmers, and on national and international food security issues. 

Read Rob Hopkins' glowing review of the film on Transition Network here

The film is now available for streaming. See the website   for details.

Community Food Stall

This opens every week at   St Swithin' church car park on Thursday from 

9.30-1.00.  The stall is run by the Bridport Local Food Group and the Fridge. Food near its best before date, home cooked food donated by individuals, pubs, shops and restaurants is available for free. Several supermarkets are overstocked and they have donated generously. Other food outlets - Red Brick Cafe, Ropemakers, Taj Mahal restaurant and the Green Yard have all provided cooked food, and Normans,  and Rawles butchers and Leakers bakers have donated regularly   It's all free, contributions are welcome to pay for ingredients. 

Energy Local Bridport

DCE has been working with the owner of Salwayash wind turbine and Octopus energy to sell electricity to Bridport homes at 9½p per unit.  They have no announced an expansion of this scheme to sell electricity from a solar farm, and perhaps rooftop PV panels to local households. DCE has launched a consultation to assist with a new project to add 250kW of ground-mounted solar PV so we can supply more households and possibly local businesses. For details, please follow this link. This local energy club will be the first of its kind in England, and will encourage local renewable energy by getting a return on investment, and community involvement in its benefits.

Please respond to a very short Community Consultation Survey by following the link here.

Growing through Climate Change: local responses to food security

After brilliant webinar on Food security in Bridport, you can read the third newsletter here, from the Seeding Our Future group

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