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Green Fortnight

14 April - 28 April 2018

This year our theme will be Plastics, focussing on the wasted resources, land fill, reducing fossil fuels and the pollution of air and sea. This ties in with last year's theme as local food has less plastic packaging. If you would like to be involved or have ideas please email us.

Please click here for more information

Green Drinks

This is held on the 3rd Thursday of each month, usually excepting August and December. The next Green drinks is Thursday 15 March.

The session is from 8pm, in the back room (or sometimes the skittle alley) of the Tiger Inn, Barrack Street, Bridport. All welcome.

Come and discuss environmental issues, localism, cooperatives etc informally over a drink in the back room of this excellent bar. A great chance to network.

Plastics Surgery

What can businesses do to improve their packaging? Here is a chance to find cheap but sustainable materials to serve food and drink in, which will not pollute our seas or cause permanent landfill. For details click here.

Bridport Co-Housing

Fancy investing in our local community? Bridport Cohousing needs a loan until the summer. If you wish to lend some money, please see this prospectus.

Raise the Roof

Hooke Park,
Evenings of 21, 28 Feb, & 7,14 March

A series of talks curated by Common Ground. See here for details.

Should we have a local Currency?

Here is a very thoughtful article about local currencies.
Anne is keen that TTB and LETS relaunch a local trading scheme with new blood. A great project for new members of our community (and more established ones too) to work on. More on this soon.


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