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What's On

Growing through Climate Change: local responses to food security

How we can strengthen the food economy around Bridport?

Online seminar and discussion: Wednesday 10 June: 6.30-8.00 pm
Hosted by Transition Town Bridport, Seeding our Future
and Bridport Local Food Group

An update to the  Bridport Local Food Security can be read on this SOF newsletter.

We have a big opportunity to make Bridport’s food economy less vulnerable to shocks from pandemics and climate change: the key is for consumers to support local producers and outlets to grow more of our food in our area.

Climate change is expected to have major impacts on UK food production and imports within the next ten years. This meeting is a presentation and discussion of findings from a new research study looking at the issues and opportunities for Dorset and surrounding counties. The research assesses which foods are most at threat from climate change, explores how these foods or substitutes could be grown locally, and what adaptive cultivation practices would be required.
The research is intended to help consumers, home growers, professional growers and farmers. It was commissioned by Alan Heeks, who leads the Seeding our Future project, as part of their work helping the Bridport community to explore climate change adaptation. The full report is available free of charge online on the Seeding our Future website: www.futurescanning.org.

The seminar will be hosted by Alan Heeks, and will include a presentation of main findings by Elise Wach, of Coventry University, who did the research. There will be plenty of time for questions from participants, and we hope to explore some of these key questions:
How can local consumers help local producers meet the extra costs of adaptive cultivation methods and growing local alternatives to vulnerable imports?
What changes can home gardeners and allotment holders make?
How can we gather momentum in our local community to take this forward?

We are not accepting any further bookings at he moment. However we are offering free tickets to local food producers. If you would like to request a free ticket please email us .

The seminar will be run as a Zoom call which you can access with a computer with camera, or a smartphone.

Click here for a summary of the research project, commissioned by Seeding our Future, carried out by Elise Wach, or download the full report here.

St Mary's Edible Garden Project

Building an Orchard could not take place as a public event. The orchard has now been planted, and the hedge will be planted by the children still in school guided by the edible garden team.

Two lines of fruit trees, with degradable cardboard rabbit guards round them. On the right, colour-coded canes mark the places for indigenous wildlife friendly hedge plants.

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