What's On

What's On

Green Fortnight

Food, Farming and the Future -
Food that doesn't cost the Earth

9 - 22 March 2019

9 March 7.30

Launch night: 
Dan Powell, LandBase, Martin Maudsley, story-teller and more, plus soap box with local food groups
Bridport Town Hall Free, Donations welcome

Bar Refreshments
12 March 8.00 pm

Green Quiz. Come as a team or make new friends! Raffle with magnificent prizes donated by local food outlets and producers.
Ropemakers Free but please buy raffle tickets!
14 March 1.30 pm
Visit to an Anaerobic Digester - What happens to our waste food?

Piddlehinton, DT2 7TU Free: Book places with Eventbrite.
14 March 7.30 pm

'The Worm is Turning' - an award-winning documentary that connects the dots on global food issues, from the World Trade Organization to earthworms in the soil, to how the organic movement came about.
United Church Hall,
East Street
£5 from TIC
or £6 on the door*
16 March 9.30 am -12.30 pm

Green Day 
Stalls: Transition Town Bridport, Friends of the Earth, Dorset Waste Partnership and others

Street food by Ve-liscious with Hodmedods. 
Buckydoo square
20 March 7.30 pm

'Food that Doesn't Cost the Earth' , a discussion panel led by local food producers including Tamarisk Farm and Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation reserve 
Bridport Town Hall
£3 from TIC or on the door.*
Bar refreshments
22 March 1.30 pm

Visit to an Anaerobic Digester - What happens to our waste food?
Piddlehinton, DT2 7TU Free: Book places with Eventbrite.
22 March
7.30 pm

Variety evening. Gail McGarva,  Penny Dunscombe, Rob Casey and others.

Bridport Town Hall £5.00 from TIC or £6 on the door*;  Bar Refreshments

* Or NETs, less if you can't afford it. Under 18s come free.
TIC= Tourist Information Centre
Please let us know if you require disabled access

Green Drinks

This is held on the 3rd Thursday of each month, the next Green drinks will be Thursday 21 February.

We will meet in the back room (or sometimes the Alley Bar) of the Tiger Inn, Barrack Street, Bridport, around 8.00. All welcome.

Come and discuss environmental issues, localism, cooperatives etc informally over a drink in the back room of this excellent bar. A great chance to network. 

There will be no Green Drinks on 21 March


Bridport Rebellion Day (Extinction Rebellion)

9 March 11.00
Buckydoo Square

(Not organised by TTB) 
"A day of Peaceful Direct Action, including Singing and music, Samba band blocking roads for 5-10 minutes, flash mob choir popping up across town, symbolic die-ins, silent meditations, peoples podium, speakers and poets.
Bring banners and Noise makers, All Welcome, Dress to Impress!!!
We will no longer stand idly by and allow the destruction of all we love.
We are raging against this madness and our hearts are breaking.
We have a right and duty to rebel in the face of this tyranny of idiocy - in the face of this planned collective suicide.
We are going to act and in acting together we will overcome.
Join us and share this event..."
"We are facing an unprecedented global emergency, the planet is in crisis and we are in the midst of a mass extinction bigger and faster than the one that killed the dinosaurs. Scientists believe we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown. The Earth’s atmosphere is already over 1°C warmer than pre-industrial levels and the chance of staying below the 1.5°C limit set in the Paris Agreement is tiny. Projections show we are on course for 3 degrees of warming and probably much higher.
We and our children will face unimaginable horrors as a result of floods, wildfires, extreme weather, crop failures and the inevitable breakdown of society when the pressures are so great. We are unprepared for the danger our future holds.
The time for denial is over – we know the truth about climate change. It is time to act."

Bridport Soup - Live Crowdfunding Event

(Not organised by TTB)

Bridport United Church Hall,
East Street
10 March 18.00-21.00

Bridport’s Best Breakfast

(Not organised by TTB)
Bridport Local Food Group

Sunday 17 March 9am – 12noon
St Mary’s Church House, 86 South Street, DT6 3NW

Packed full of fantastic local ingredients and lovingly prepared by the committee.

Tickets: £6 in advance (£7 on the door) – £3 children <10, (£4 on the door)

Vegetarian Options available

Advance tickets available from Bridport TIC
Any profits help to fund the Food Festival and other local food projects.
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