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Feeding Britain, Our Food Problems and How to Fix Them.

A Conversation with Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy

For 25 years Tim Lang has lectured and written on the role of food systems in relation to health, environment, social justice and politics.

“I have concluded that it's social movements that make change.”

Tim spent 7 years as a hill farmer which has shaped his work ever since.

Tim Lang is one of the most powerful voices in a new 90 minute documentary, This Good Earth. The film is about the damage to our soil and landscape, the human right to affordable and nutritious food, climate change and the extinction of the Earth’s species. The film describes the food journey from farm to plate and the resulting damage that is being caused to our health, global warming and the destruction of the Earth’s ecosystem.

“For me the largest issue is inequality.”

Tim’s book Feeding Britain, Our Food Problems and How to Fix Them has recently been published by Penguin.

Here is a copy of the slides he used in his conversation

Bounce Forward – 'What is - What if - What next?

Organised by Transition Network


This series of zoom meetings was recorded, and  will soon be available to watch online.

Vegetable Glut stall

Many thanks for all the people who supported our stall at St Mary's school. From next week, there will be a glut stall at St Swithin' church car park on Thursday from 10-1.00.  If you have any crops surplus to your requirements please bring them along. If you wish to shar in this bounty you are very welcome. The stall will be run by the Bridport Local Food Group and the Fridge.

Growing through Climate Change: local responses to food security

After brilliant webinar on Food security in Bridport, you can read the third newsletter here, from the Seeding Our Future group

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