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Read Candida's Report on the meeting 12 January - click here

Our food supply is more fragile than it appears. Some 50% of our food comes from abroad, and depends on good harvests, stable climate and frictionless borders. Covid, Climate Change and Brexit are make feeding Britain even more precarious. In this zoom meeting we looked at some solutions to these problems as they relate to Bridport.

Here is a copy of the slides Caroline used in her presentation  ( pictures removed to reduce the size of the file)

This Good Earth

Thursday 21 January 7.00 pm.
Bridport Arts Centre

The screening at the Arts Centre has had to be cancelled. However the film will be available for streaming from the 21st. See the website for details.

World premier of Robert Golden's new feature documentary on soil and climate change, land and species destruction, farming, food and illness.

This independently made 92 minute documentary shows the relationships between soil erosion, toxic poisoning of our water supply, the tilling or no-tilling/meat or no meat, arguments about the sequestration of greenhouse gases, global warming, the problems of the long food chain from farmer’s gates to dinner plates, the rise of ultra-processed foods, degenerative diseases and obesity, the increasing gap between the life spans of rich and poor people, access to knowledge about and affordability of food across income groups, therefore the underlining questions about equality and human rights and the legal responsibility of CEO’s who are knowingly destroying our planet and people’s health and well being.... It also offers solutions.

Although much of the film is about West Dorset, the messages are universal. Doctors, bakers, cooks, social workers, farmers, scientists and professors are interviewed, and in particular Professor Tim Lang, the UK’s most well known expert on food security. Professors Jules Pretty and Erik Millstone reveal the stark truth about corporations, people’s diets and illnesses.

See the website and the beautiful trailer here

Plastic Free Bridport

TTB has signed the pledge to support the reduction of plastics in Bridport. See here for further details.

Dorset Council Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy and Action Plan

A good time to fill in the Dorset Climate and Ecological Emergency consultation. So far 700 people have responded, compared to 8000 responses to the car parking fees. OK this takes a little longer but you can save your work at any time and come back to it. You do not have to fill in every section, in fact better to just do the bits that you care about most. Any submission is better than no submission!

Climate and Ecological Emergency (dorsetcouncil.gov.uk)

Planet Purbeck have produced a very useful guide with suggestions of what you might include in your submission. Their Guide can be seen here.

Many people think Dorset's target is not urgent enough in view of the rapidly changing climate. Thy should be aiming for 2030 for the council to be carbon net zero, with intermediate targets set. Please sign this petition if you agree

If you don't have time, there is a quicker version of the survey, which can accessed here

The map comparing different councils can be seen here.


Meetings with Chris Loder

West Dorset Environmental Alliance has been meeting with Chris Loder to brief him on environmental issues. We include representatives of West Dorset Friends of the Earth, Turn Lyme Green, Beaminster ECO group and TTB.

In the process we have written briefing papers which may be of interest:


Bounce Forward – 'What is - What if - What next?

Organised by Transition Network


This series of zoom meetings was recorded, and will soon be available to watch online.

Vegetable Glut stall

Many thanks for all the people who supported our stall at St Mary's school. From next week, there will be a glut stall at St Swithin' church car park on Thursday from 10-1.00. If you have any crops surplus to your requirements please bring them along. If you wish to shar in this bounty you are very welcome. The stall will be run by the Bridport Local Food Group and the Fridge.

Growing through Climate Change: local responses to food security

After brilliant webinar on Food security in Bridport, you can read the third newsletter here, from the Seeding Our Future group

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